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Diamond has inspired both legend and industries. Its special properties have also spawned what can legitimately be called a wealth of niche applications. The structure of diamond essentially consists of carbon atoms arranged together into two intermixed FCC lattices. Discovered about 20 years ago, the use of hydrogen in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has enabled the growth and coating of diamond in film form on various substrate materials.

CVD diamond research has been actively continued subsequently to develop new understanding and approaches for the growth and processing of this fascinating material. Currently, the study and development of diamond films has enabled a wide range of applications based on the combination of exceptional strength and bond energies of SP3 hybridised carbon-carbon bonds.


Having 25 years on Experience in High Pressure Hight Temperature (HPHT) Technology with growing as well as processing all types of Diamonds, to explore all different possibilities to re-design the Atomic Structure and control Defects in Diamonds, which can be very helpful in exploring new material properties and their application in various fields.