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Single Crystal Lab Grown Diamond


Diamond Elements is one of the fastest CVD Company of the world in the manufacture of single crystal lab grown diamond products, which are utilised for a wide range of applications. Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (MPCVD) method has grown to become a prominent process only in last 7-8 years despite being in practice since 80 years. MPCVD is a pure and fast diamond deposition process, hence best suited for commercial use.

Diamond Elements single crystal lab grown diamond has highly consistent and predictable properties and behaviour, and is used for cutting, optical, electronic and detector applications.

MPCVD creates the Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) most effectively among all other diamond deposition techniques.

  • Diamond Elements has engineered Lab Grown Diamond plates suitable for demanding applications, which opens up the possibility of exploiting the excellent optical and thermal properties of Grown Diamonds in a consistently engineered material without compromising other aspects of device performance.
  • CVD Plates are available in various dimensions and thickness. Grown Diamond plate offers a very wide spectral range (spanning the UV to the THz), with low absorption coefficients at key laser frequencies, it has a very high thermal conductivity enabling any heat absorbed to be dissipated, and it has a low thermal expansion coefficient, limiting any thermally generated strain.